Splash Into Swimming

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the campers have time for swimming with their friends. Good Times Camp uses Glenview’s Flick Pool and Roosevelt Pool, as well as Mundelein’s Barefoot Bay, Wheeling’s Aquatic Center, Vernon Hills’ Aquatic Center, and Elk Grove’s Rainbow Falls.

All campers will have the opportunity to utilize various water slides, diving boards, sea serpents, sand play areas, and splash toys. Each pool also has specific areas designated for less experienced swimmers.

Safety is always our first concern!

  • All campers undergo assessments!
  • Good Times provides and requires life vests for all non-swimmers!
  • Non-swimmers stay with their counselors at all times!
  • Besides the hired lifeguards guarding the pool, Good Times stations all its counselors in strategic positions around and within the entire pool.

Swim lessons available!
No extra fees!